Quarterly Marketing Consultation

Are you looking to understand where your marketing budget stands?  Unsure of what your actual needs are? Need help deciphering if what you are currently doing is producing results?  Are you unsure of where you stand as a whole with your marketing plan and budget?  

These are all things that I strive to help you understand.  I can help your business understand where you are, what you may need and what tools can possibly be implemented to help the marketing facet of your business run smoothly.  

Using this option I will work with you to fins a schedule that works for your business needs for a marketing audit. This could range from once a month to once a year dependent on your business goals and marketing needs. In these periods I would look at what your business is currently doing, if needs are being met, if anything needs readjusting and hale you digest what is happening and what changes could be made. Marketing needs change over time so I help you adjust with those needs.

Ad Campaign Management

Already have your accounts set up and going?  Do you create your own content? Not sure what to do from there?  As someone with a marketing background, I can use the content you have already created and are creating to formulate marketing campaigns for you.  I use analytics to accurately target and manage marketing campaigns daily for your small business.  While you are taking care of making sure your business is running well on a day to day basis, I can help take the stress of managing marketing campaigns off your plate.