MapSo Media is an online media management, marketing, brand consulting and market research consulting company that can help small businesses and public figures as well as individuals not only grow their marketing but utilize data to get a better understanding on who their customer base is. This helps build a better understanding of what the unique brand culture is and how best to utilize that. Not only do we help create content for posts as well as manage and encourage interaction between your brand and those who follow your brand.  We can use data to better build a sustainable company or brand culture as well.  


About Me

I come from a marketing and market research heavy corporate career.  While working in NYC and CT I was one of the first to implement website and online content creation and testing.  From inception to testing I helped build the content and then test with consumers what they liked and disliked when it came to ad campaigns and also spot advertisements.  I also became versed in how to help create online platforms for both the companies as well as the consumers where they could share ideas as well as learn about products.  From this work I mastered the ins and outs of social media from working with different ad agencies and directly with consumers.  

After testing concepts I would help look at collected data and utilize it to create media campaigns that would target the 'best fit' consumer for the products.  This allowed brands to see who their audience was and how to best reach them via targeted marketing.