Field Management 

Do you need an individual who has had past experience managing field recruits help your team out?  Difficult recruit that you need help keeping track of?  Let me help stay on top of vendors to try and ensure that your recruit is done well.


I have experience moderating focus groups as well as product tests.  These range from childrens interviews to business professionals.  I understand the need to probe for deeper answers as well as make it as conversational to keep the respondent comfortable so they answer truthfully and honestly.  I also understand the need to have the client involvement and the potential need to change or amend the discussion guide to catch all of the appropriate information that would be needed to pull together a comprehensive report for your client.

Report Drafting or Formatting

With previous experience formatting and stylizing reports for clients I can run from data heavy table oriented presentations to charts and graphs that can accurately show the data points as needed.  Being a researcher myself, I understand the need to show different data in various ways to catch what you are trying to convey to the client in your presentations.  I am also able to create graphics heavy presentations for clients that prefer that look as well.